Our Equipment Lines

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The Bergren Associates provides only the finest Water Treatment and Control Equipment through the following Manufacturers. Listed Under each manufacturer are the products we carry.

Positive Displacement, Hybrid & Turbo Blowers

• Equipment for Alkaline Stabilization of Sludge

Aquionics, Inc.
• UV Disinfection Systems

Continental Blowers, LLC
• Multi Stage Blowers

• Soft Starters, Low Voltage VFD’s

• “Flex Rake” Bar Screen
• Self-Cleaning Trashrack

Entech Design Inc.
• Material Interface Sensors/Sludge Blanket Detectors/Filter Expansion Monitors

• Screens & Headworks Equipment

Epic International
• Open Flight Screw Pumps, Covers and Mechanical Mixers/Aerators

FKC Screw Press
• Sludge Thickening and Dewatering

Flowserve/Ingersoll-Dresser Pump Co.
• Centrifugal Water & Wastewater Pumps

• Mechanical Aerators, Induced Air Flotation, Packaged Membrane WTPs, Solar Mixers

Hankin Environmental
• Fluid Bed Incineration Systems

Hungerford & Terry
• Water Treatment & Filtration Equipment

Hydro International
• CSO Treatment Equipment & Eutek Grit Removal Equipment

Mass Transfer Systems, Inc.
• Jet Aeration & Mixing Systems

Mission Communications
• Wireless SCADA & Alarm Monitoring

MJK/Xylem Analytics
• Ultrasonic Flow Meters, Level Sensors & Process Instrumentation

Mooers Products, Inc.
• Coarse Bubble Flexible Diaphragm Diffusers

Nexom/Nelson Environmental Inc.
• Advanced Lagoon Treatment Technology

• Membrane Bioreactors

Park Process
• Dewatering Boxes

Prime Solution Inc.
• Sludge Dewatering Equipment

Primex Controls
• Telemetry SCADA & Pump Control Systems

Red Valve/Tideflex Mixing Systems
• Potable Water Tank Mixing, Knife Gate Valves, Tideflex Valves, Pinch Valves

Roll Seal Valves/Cla-Val
• Automatic Control Valves

• Flow and Pressure Measurement

Sanitaire (A Xylem Brand)
• Diffused Aeration Systems, ABJ Sequencing Batch Reactors, Oxidation Ditches & Tertiary Filters

Siemens LDR – Large Drives Robicon
• Variable Frequency Drives and Motors

Siemens Turblex 
• High Efficiency Single Stage Blowers and Aeration Control Systems

• Shaftless Screw Conveyors

Swan Analytical
• On-Line Instruments for Water Analysis

WACO Products, Inc.
• Slide Gates, Weirs and Troughs

Walker Process Equipment
• Water & Wastewater Process Equipment

Unipure Corporation
• Heavy Metal Removal Systems, Inclined Plate Clarifiers

• Air, Vacuum and Surge Control Valves

Xylem Analytics
• Analytical Instruments by MJK, OI, Royce, WTW and YSI